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Live Filter Camera application converts image to pattern in real-time.
Live Filter Camera application converts image to pattern in real-time. That let you to create creative photo or holydays card. Pictures you can share to social network or to your friends. Using different filters in the camera, you can make a photo as a cross-stitch or like a sweater. You can scroll up or down on the screen to adjust pattern size in real time. The filters for the camera is widely used tiled image technology. It is based on the principle of a square division into four quadrants, and each of the resulting squares is divided into four more. To make more spectacular pictures we replace squares onto textures or patterns. One example of such images are buttons. One of the filters Live Filter Camera application is a constructor toy, this converts photos in a plastic constructor, and result image is the same as if you yourself build something with real constructor. To make most original photos using replacement / distortion / color degradation, for example, you can take a photo with a limited number of colors or replace the primary colors more vivid. The main feature of this application is that it works fast in real time, you do not have to wait for photo processing, or waiting to switch between filters, everything happens instantly. Live Filter Camera is a good application for people who want to make the original photo, to surprise their friends or make an unusual avatar.

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