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This Way - reaction and concentration game, just guide all circles to squares.

Game «This way» — will test your skills of reaction and concentration. Try to collect more than 1,010 points — it’s bloody difficult. 1700 — it is impossible (no way!)

Story: The circle (dot) just wants to be friends with the square (box) of the same color, so don’t mix them, when you will choose the way for dots.

This Way is like a games about trains, but it is very sketchy. It’s like to choose the right path for the train by throwing railroads switch. Circles is your trains and railways is lines (path) leading to the square (the station where train stops). You able control only path direction by tapping arrows button. Warning! This way is game uses your concentration, reaction and reflexes skills.

This Way — play for free, you can enjoy the game without any restrictions. Train your concentration in 30 exciting levels, be careful and you can achieve a better result and post it on facebook, let your friends try to beat your high score.

Download This Way now! Vote and leave your review, what you think about this way. Help us improve gameplay. Even if you are somehow pass the last level, you can’t rejoice a long time because new levels is coming soon.

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